Tuesday, November 08, 2011

3rd birthday: the activities

Here's a confession: I'm a control freak. I have been affectionately labeled "the cruise director" by friends and have been known to carry a clipboard. So naturally, planning structured activities for Ave's third birthday party seemed the right and sensible thing to do.

And here's another confession: I spent waaaay to much money on our Texas trip so my budget was itty bitty. There's also a satisfaction I get from spending very little and getting maximum style, whether it be DIY or smart shopping, so I'll share all my expenses with you.

To get the Where The Wild Things Are party rolling, the first thing we did when the children entered the house was fit them with a furry tail and a set of ears. And since our entire family is obsessed with this video and the aesthetic seemed right, we added a little face paint to the mix. Admittedly, I am probably one of the worst face painters, but I can do a few straight lines and it seemed to please the children AND the parents (who quite possibly had more fun wearing it).

The faux fur was leftover from the invitations and I used every bit. I sewed and stuffed the tail and fitted it with a clip so it could be attached to the waistband or belt loop. The ears were sewn and hot glued to plastic headbands. I made 11 tails/ears and it took around 2 hours.

The monster bags were used to collect the loot I passed out during the party, instead of sending them home with a takeaway bag. The bags were seasonal Halloween items, but fit the theme well enough.

"Werewolf" faux fur on sale at Hancock Fabrics: $10 a yard - 1 yard used to make all tails, ears, and invitations. Clips for tail: Hancock Fabrics - 2.50 for 2. Bags: Target bargain aisle - $1 each. Plastic headbands: Target - $3 for pack of 4.

A coloring station was set up with scanned pictures from the book.

And nothing says "birthday" better than a good ol' fashioned game of Pin the Tail.

I scanned the image from the book, enlarged, tiled, and pieced together.

A Wild Thing party needs a rumpus. Otherwise, what's the point, right?

And a rumpus needs noise. Lots and lots of noise!

I had been collecting metal coffee and pringles cans from coworkers and friends for two weeks leading up to the event. I made a few colorful patterns in Illustrator, printed them out, and wrapped the cans to create shakers. Each can was filled with a handful of black-eyed peas and the lid was glued on to alleviate mess...

...though that didn't stop the birthday boy from prying it off anyway.

Shakers: recycled - FREE. Bag of Black-eyed Peas: $2.50. Kazoos: Party City - $3 for a bag of 12.

Each child picked out a shaker and kazoo and we headed outside to the backyard. The oldest child was appointed the parade leader (because the birthday boy was no longer interested) and the other children fell in single line behind him.

We shouted, "let the wild rumpus start!" and the children marched and paraded around the yard perimeter, blowing their kazoos and wildly waving their shakers.

We set up a few props for maximum wildness and ambience.

Overall, a memorable 3rd birthday party where all the children had a blast. And now I can relax, phewwww.

Looking for something? Check out the invitations, pinata and the food from the Where the Wild Things Are birthday party.


Heloisa said...

Why an amazing job you did, Cassie!! The party looked amazing and super fun! Very well done!!! I loved it!! I hope to have the same energy and creativity and I have a little one.

Allison Dorbad said...

This is so awesome!!