Tuesday, April 30, 2013

And we wait...

26 days on the market with initially numerous showings and an open house...but no offers.

So we wait. I'm already coming up with renovations we can do to our house to make it more livable in case it doesn't sell. If we hit 90 days, I'll take it off the market and make preparations to hunker down until at least the following Spring.

Feedback from buyers is mostly: they like it, but need more space and location on a major road is a factor. Unfortunately, we can't fix that.

Our realtor also received an anonymous message that the tree in our back yard is severely leaning and we should have it removed before it falls. You have to wonder...is this a potential buyer, a worried neighbor, or a tree removal company looking for business? Whatever the case, it's now added another worry to my long list of anxieties keeping me up at night.

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mjb said...

Oh man, we're listing our rental right now, and I'm so glad it's now and not July like we originally thought, but I also don't think I can handle a long wait on this!